Carpe diem will disband

Last year the band announced their comeback however sadly, now the band has decided to definitely pull out the trigger on February 27.

Their message:
For Everyone who cheers us daily,  for everyone concerned to us Carpe diem we have an important notice
Carpe diem, has started since December 25, 2011,  however we will disband on February 27, 2018.
We are really thankful to everyone who has been cheering us on daily activities for such a long time, thanks to everyone involved, we really appreciate it.
We are truly sorry for this sudden announcement.
On the same day, we host our last event organized.
Although it’s announced on such short time, we hope that you will come to our last performance, we would be grateful, thank you very much.

Carpe diem


日頃よりご声援頂いている皆様、お世話になっております関係者の皆様へCarpe diemより大切なお知らせがございます。
2011年12月25日より活動を続けておりましたCarpe diemですが、2018年2月27日をもちまして解散する運びとなりました。
同日、Carpe diemで最後となる主催イベントを催させて頂きたく思います。

Carpe diem 一同



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